How to Install Mozilla Firefox On Your Laptop/PCs/System Successfully

How to Install Mozilla Firefox On Your Laptop/PCs/System Successfully

Here is the step by step i.e. needed procedure including fast links to install Mozilla browser on your Laptop/PC.

How to Install Mozilla Firefox On Your Laptop/PCs/System Successfully

Important Note: Please do ensure that your device satisfies the system requirements before you proceed with your Mozilla Firefox download, so as not to waste your data bundles.

Step 1: Visit the Firefox download page using any browser such as Chrome, Internet Explorer.

Install Mozilla Firefox

  • On the page that appears, click on “Free Download” button to download Firefox installer, the system will automatically direct you to the download the latest version of the browser installer.
  • For the latest English (U.S.) Firefox installer, use this download link.

Note: If you already have Mozilla Firefox installed on your device, the system will notify you either;

  • By requesting you to upgrade your Firefox browser if you do not have the latest version on your device. Then you can upgrade by clicking on the upgrade button.
  •  Or by congratulating you for having the latest version of Firefox running on your device.

Step 2: If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can install the browser directly. Just click on the “Run” button at the bottom of the screen.

  • For other browsers apart from Internet Explorer, you may be required to save the installer as a file after which you will open the downloaded file on your device.
  • On the security warning dialog that appears on the screen, select the “Run” button.
Install Mozilla Firefox

Step 3: Click on the “Install” button after running the installer

After completing stages 1-3, Mozilla Firefox will be automatically installed on your device.

You can choose to save the shortcut on your desktop screen and pin it onto your tool bar.

Congratulations! | How To Download Waptrick Apps, Waptrick Games,  & Waptrick Music will be showing you specifically how to download 2018/2019 waptrick Music, 2019 waptrick Games, waptrick Apps, waptrick wallpapers, 2019 waptrick Videos and many more from and also teach you on other important tIPS related to So stay tight with to the bottom line as I take you to the land of discoveries.


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 SEE HOW TO DOWNLOAD waptrick.COM 2018.

Every Mid-ranged smartphones can download all downloadable software. All you need to do if you are in possession of a smartphone is to connect to the internet, and as well check if you have enough data that can complete the downloading.


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How to pay online through Remita

How to make payment online through Remita: Remita is an computerized platform that encourages organizations ( Corporate Organisations,SMEs, Utility Company, Multinationals, Homeowner Associations, State Governments, Government Agency, Religious Organisations, Schools , NGOs,and Hospitals, and Health Institutions, Educational Institutions, etc.) and Somebody to MAKE PAYMENTS and RECEIVE quickly.

This Remita prepares a full modern world of secure payments and arrangements that allow you to have a global survey of Mass bank details you registered on the application. You do not want any other financial motorized application in bringing out all your purchases on the go.

accredited by the Central Bank of Nigeria, Remiter is built 100% in Nigeria by SystemSpecs to the above international standards and satisfies the needs of the neighborhood market for an integrated, reliable, efficient and cost-effective answer.
With Remiter, anybody can begin to receive cash on their site in within 48 hours with no activation fee!

Additionally, buyers can pay via a broad variety of courses such as Remitta Application (free on Google Play Store), POS, Biller’s Website,, Mobile Wallet, Internet Banking, or ANY bank branch in Nigeria. The beauty of Remitta is that irrespective of the channel customers use to pay, Billers & Retailers can monitor and track all payments online from wherever in the world.

See how to pay online through Remita

Remitta truly makes it very easy to set up Direct Debit mandates or Standing Order on accounts domiciled in any bank in Nigeria to make regular payments (i.e., to Parents, Children in school, Church, Cable TV or other subscriptions) without stress
Now, Remit is used by many individuals as well as public and individual sector organizations to process over $30b worth of transactions yearly.

With the new release of the better version of Remitta app, the solution is already changing the payment experiences of Nigerians and empowering them to fully take charge of their finances right from the comfort of their mobile phone.

 How to Register with Remita

You can Register with Remitta through
2. Please type your information
3. Type your phone number, email address, and full name
Mention what registration is for

You can download Remita Payment Mobile APPlication

 features of Remitta.

1. Whether it’s for a wedding, ‘aso-ebi’ contribution, services rendered, pocket-money or even splitting a bill, Remita e-invoices can easily be generated, sent and paid quickly
2. With the Remitta Mobile APP you can do the following:
3. Transfer money to one or multiple friends, family members or service providers easily.
4. Viewing all your accounts, from different banks, on one screen
5. Easily access and centrally manage your account balances with our multi-bank balance feature
6. With our multi-layered security features such as fingerprint authentication, OTP verification, and your Personal Security Number (PSN),
7. With the Remita Mobile APP pay biller, buy WAEC PIN, buy Electricity token, set up the standing order, pay FGN and State TSA, pay an invoice and resend receive or invoice.
8. From one fast, secure and easy-to-use mobile app, you can make purchases, schedule payments, manage your money, and much more.
9. Buy Airtime & Data, Snap/Tap to pay quickly, Toggle between your personal & corporate profile, View & show receipts on the go, Pay RRR Invoices and more.

Buy Affordable Data Plans for Nigerians For Airtel, Glo, 9mobile, and MTN | Mighty Data.

Buy Affordable Data Plans for Nigerians For Airtel, Glo, 9mobile, and MTN | Mighty Data.Latest mobile phones these days come with unique and frequently multiple characteristics even online platforms are also supplying us much more content than ever. Moreover, several aspects of our days that once did not need the network connections have now been shifted online.

Even From banking to reviewing examination results; from funding for assets and support to paying electricity bills and purchasing call credit. In a way, having our entire lives online is a sign of progress, and means we’re current and up to date. But the cost of living our lives online in Nigeria today is (costly) mobile data.

Mighty Data

And that’s where MightyData, one of the low data resellers in Nigeria, comes in. At MightyData, you can buy affordable data plans of all networks. Using Mighty Data services, you can do all you want to do online with comfort and speed!

Every of MightyData internet plans is sold at a discounted rate connected to the right values from the different network providers. See below for our convenient data plans:



Buy AffordableData Plans | Mighty Data.

MTN 3GB – N1600
MTN 500MB – N500
MTN 10GB – N4800
MTN 5GB – N2600
MTN 2GB – N1100
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MTN 4GB – N2100
(Higher plans are also ready on demand)

Please Note that: Every Cheap MTN Data Plans runs for 90 days!

To buy any of the listed Mighty Data Cheap MTN plans, please go to

Airtel 5GB – N2400


2018/2019 Npower Recruitment Application Form | how to apply


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MTN mPulse Code | MTN mPulse Migration Code for 1.5gb

Airtel 1.5GB – N950
Airtel 3.5GB – N1900

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Glo 1GB – N500 (for ten days)
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Glo 12.5GB – N3700
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Buy Affordable Data Plans for Nigerians For Airtel, Glo, 9mobile, and MTN

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Register With Fiverr | How To Register With Fiverr

Fiverr-How To Register| If you have a job that people strength find helpful, possibilities are you can get rewarded for it on Fiverr. Today, a set of people are making an existence from the enjoyment of their houses with the help of the network connections. Tap to read further
and find How To Register With Fiverr

With the help of Fiverr, the chances are limitless. You may be astonished to see how several people need your talents and are prepared to pay you for it. You can get paid to write copy, translate, do voice-overs, make videos, design websites, and coding as well.

Furthermore, it is free of charge to join. All you need to do is to create a new account.

The step-by-step guide on how to begin your freelance with Fiverr.

Signing Up

1. Go to homepage and Tap join.
2. Enter your email Details in the area provided, Then tap continue.

Please Note that you can also create a new account using Google and Facebook.

Choose a password and username. Your username will be your show name in your Fiverr URL, so it is desirable to pick a username that describes the kind of GIG that you would be taking.

Recall that your username cannot be edited once the account has been initiated. It must have at most 15 characters and can’t include a special character.

An email will be sent to you for account activation once you have completed the creation. The link in your email will only be useful for 30 days, if after that, you have not activated your account, you will need to click resend on the Fiverr website so that another activation email will be sent to you, also useful for 30 days

Even Upon activation, you will be redirected to the Fiverr website, where you can begin creating your freelance gigs.

See How to Profit With Fiverr

For people that are fresh to Fiverr, making the best out of it may take a little endurance. You may find it a tad problems to get your gigs bought originally, which as a result, you may want to stop. Don’t worry much my dear, nothing good comes easily, here are some tips to ensure that you get the excellent value out of the platform.

Delivering work on time and fast.

When people order for something, they are comfortable when you deliver on time. Usually, the less it is, the truer it is that people will pay for your service.

There is a great level of the match on Fiverr, so if your gig has a prolonged delivery time than others, ensure that the purpose is justified, you would be required to provide a higher quality of service or deliver more content. Dual check the delivery times you set for your gig, try it out and make changes as needed.

Set up quick customized responses

Fiverr allows you to save time with its quick response feature. As you consistently interact with buyers, you get familiar with the kind of questions they ask, and you can prepare quick messages that respond to their queries with just a click of a button.

Be careful not to overuse quick responses, as they can lead to loss of customers. For example, shooting a quick message to a potential buyer without properly reading what the person asked is a sure way to lose sales.

Quick responses are easy to prepare from the settings page or the order update screen. Use them to introduce yourself to the customer, and they can make a huge difference with contact statistics.

An elaborate profile

To succeed on Fiverr, you need to ensure that your profile is thorough. Buyers will make judgments about your gig based on the description you provide; therefore you need to supply potential clients with great information about your services.

Consider adding pictures to your description as they increase the chances of your gigs getting ordered.

Ensure high-quality services

There are many people looking to make quick money on the internet. While this is a potential worry for many buyers, it creates an opportunity for you to let your services stand out.

Focusing on delivering the best possible quality and customer service will ensure that your buyers leave great reviews which will encourage other buyers to try out your gig. Chances are, they will also make a purchase and leave a great review, growing your brand exponentially.

Make the Fiverr app your companion

The Fiverr app is a great way to connect and stay in touch with your buyers. It is available on both the Android and iOS platform. The app allows you easy access to your notifications, order updates, and you can respond to messages a lot faster, wherever you might be.

AIB | Accident Investigation Bureau Recruitment 2019/2020

See here for Accident Investigation Bureau for 2019/2020 Recruitment Online Portal and enroll with your documents. Are you notified about this job is at

Would you choose to be a Staff Personnel in the AIB? If then you’re still seeking for the job, this guide will assist you.

we will not be discussing why you should enroll for 2019 AIB recruitment, but you’ve to know that recruitment under Accident Investigation Bureau is only done one a year.

All Graduate and Unemployed people need a job, and that’s why we’ve got to give you the newest updates on how to apply for AIB Recruitment 2019.

The job that may please you

2018/2019 Npower Registration
2018/2019 Ndlea is here for recruitment
2018/2019 Firs jobs portal for all Graduates
2018/2019 Federal Civil Service recruitment

AIB Recruitment 2019/2020

To make it quick, you’ll be led on basic requirements, qualifications and possible positions that this job will be applying.

Consequently, if you want this job, helpful move on to see how Aib Recruitment 2019 form portal is done. See that you’re supposed to have all your credentials with you before you can apply online.
2019/2020 AIB Recruitment Requirements
The single thing that will be held from you in getting AIB 2019 recruitment is your Credentials. Have you now see why you should ever be ready before you can apply.



Zonkewap Movies, Mp3 Music Download | Download for Free on Zonkewap

WAEC Registration 2019 Form and General Guidelines | | How To Register Here

Download mp3 Musics / Videos / Games / Apps at

However, If all your credentials are completed, there will be chances that you will be recruited in 2019 Accident Investigation Bureau via Accident Investigation Bureau application form.

Politely note that Accident Investigation Bureau Recruitment form 2019 is NOT yet Out, we hope to tell you when specifically the application is ongoing.

Spain Visa Application Form 2018/2019 and See How to Apply Online

This page is officially created for interested applicants who wish to know how to apply for Spain Visa Application Form 2018 in any part of the world. It is to your concern that we shall surely update you with Spain Visa Application Form 2018 details on this web page.

Spain has been one of the most wonderful and most visited countries in the world. The country is enhanced with natural beauty, scenic attractions and a lot of friendly people. Its capital city is called Madrid

A visa is required to enter the country for Studying, Business, Tourism, etc. and several processes are involved before you can be issued a visa.

PLEASE NOTE: The most important thing is that you need a valid international Immigration passport (validity of at least 30 days after the intended stay) before you can apply for Spain Visa Application Form 2018

Depending on the purpose of your travel to Spain, different types of visas will apply to the occasion. Whether you are planning to go on a visit, study or work and reside there permanently, you will have to apply for a different Schengen Visa, accordingly.

Spain Visa Application Form 2018 Requirement

  • Download the application form, fill it completely and with sincerity. You can also fill the Spanish Visa application form electronically and then print a hard-copy. Learn how to fill-in the Spanish Visa application form!
  • 2 photos must be attached; the photo should be of passport format – a recent whole-face capture with a light background. Learn more about photo requirements and specifications for a Spanish Visa.
  • Your passport and copies of your previous visas – valid for at least 3 months beyond return date – are required. Your passport must have at least two blank pages.
  • A copy of your return-ticket reservation. It is not recommended to purchase the ticket before obtaining the visa – if not otherwise required
  • Schengen Travel Insurance confirmation of minimum 30,000€ coverage within Spain and the entire Schengen area
  • A cover letter stating the purpose of visit to Spain and itinerary.  (Click to find cover letter samples for visa applications)
  • Flight Reservation with dates and flight numbers specifying entry and exit from Spain
  • Hotel Booking Reservation for the whole duration of the intended stay in Spain
  • Proof of civil status (marriage certificate, birth certificate of children, death certificate of spouse, ration card if applicable)
  • Means of subsistence –  Proof of sufficient financial means for the period of stay in Spain. A foreigner who seeks to enter the territory of Spain needs to attest owning the overall amount for duration up to 10 days that is representative of a 90% of the gross national minimum wage (598.68€) that is 583.74€, while in case of exceeding 10 days the daily required amount is 64.86€.

How to Apply for Spain Visa Application Form 2018

The method of application is online, Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply

New Zealand Business Visas Application 2018/2019 Form – How to Apply

New Zealand Business Visas Application 2018/2019 Form – For the interest of all those who have big dreams of moving to New Zealand for Business purposes, who wish to know more about New Zealand Business Visas Application 2018/2019 Form. It is up to us that we bring this notice to inform you about New Zealand Business Visas Application 2018/2019 Form.

The primary objective of the New Zealand Business Visa category is to contribute to economic growth in New Zealand by attracting business owners, investors and entrepreneurs.

The business categories under this policy can be either for permanent residence or temporary entry with the option to lead to the residence after several years working in New Zealand.
Completing an Online Assessment is simple, free and carries no obligation. Here are a few top tips to guide you through the Online Assessment process:

How to Apply for New Zealand Business Visas Application 2018/2019 Form

1. Visit OR Complete the Online Assessment that most closely matches your current circumstances;

2.Answer all the questions honestly;

3.If you don’t qualify the first time, try the assessment again; try using your partner as the primary applicant; or investigate other visas classes;

4.A ‘pass’ result entitles you to a free consultation with an New Zealand Visa Bureau
migration consultant. Don’t forget to nominate your preferred contact number and a convenient time of day for a consultant to ring you.
Always check back to get the latest updates about New Zealand Business Visas Application 2018/2019 Form.

Malaysia Visa Application 2018 Form – See How To Apply Free Today

Are you interested in getting Malaysia Visa Application 2018 Form? Allow me to give you requirements and guidelines concerning how you can get Malaysia Visa Application 2018 Form.

If you’ve read some of our visa Application guidelines, you would have noticed that all the information I give is free Not paid.

However, you will still need to meet up with all the Malaysian visa Application requirements before you can travel or move in Malaysia.

Malaysia Visa Application 2018 Form

Types of Malaysia Visa

There are majorly two types of Malaysia Visa:

  1. VWR – Visa With Reference
  2. VWTR – Visa Without Reference

Visa without Reference’ is granted to people who will like to visit Malaysia for a vacation, to visit a relative or to study, while ‘Visa with Reference’ is granted to people who want to visit Malaysia for business or investment only and this type of visa can only be approved by Immigration Department of Malaysia.
The most common type of visa is the visiting visa – ‘Visa Without Reference’. Such visas are issued for short or temporary visits and the purpose of the visit may be to study, visit families/relatives, vacation/holiday, transit visa (just passing through Malaysia).

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Malaysia Visa Requirements for Visa Without Reference

  1. Filled Application form (Form IMM.47) (2 copies)
  2. Valid Immigration passport and 2 photocopies of passport pageTwo (2) passport size photograph of applicant
  3. Valid return flight ticket (2 photocopies)
  4. Financial Statement
  5. Invitation letter from family and friends (if any)
  6. Payment of visa fee

Malaysia Visa Requirements for Visa Without Reference

  1. Filled Application form (Form IMM.47) (2 copies)
  2. Financial Statement
  3. Two (2) passport size photograph of applicant
  4. Valid Immigration passport and 2 photocopies of passport page
  5. Valid return flight ticket (2 photocopies)
  6. Invitation letter from family and friends (if any)
  7. Payment of visa fee

How to Apply for Malaysia Visa Application 2018 Form

You can successfully apply for Malaysia Visa 2018 at Malaysia High Commission in Abuja. The application process is very easy and not that stressful if only you can provide all the required documents. Applicants are required to submit their applications personally at Malaysia High Commission in Abuja.

Visa Processing

Malaysia application processing is resolved in about 4 to 6 working days of the application submission. You can submit your application from Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 12.30pm.

Visa Collection

Collection time is between 4 pm to 5 pm from Monday to Friday except on public holidays.

FotoJet – Turn Your Ideas Into Striking Artworks

FotoJet is a platform which gives users the opportunity to become a expert designer using the FotoJet’s graphic design tools.

FotoJet understood the fact that numerous persons are in one time or the other being motivated to make a bit creative and amazing but do not have the essential tool to make this a reality. Therefore, the need for this type of platform.

With this Foto-Jet, you can create amazing designs with massive templates, from posters, flyers, cards, invitations, to social media graphics and banners. I know most persons have not heard or known about this amazing platform. This article is designed to bring to you all you need to know Foto-Jet designing platform.


Do you want to create amazing graphic designs, make photo collages and edit photos on your computer or mobile device? Then, you are on the right page to get what you are looking for. FotJet has it all!. Just like Photo Editor and other Photo editing app, FotoJet allows you to create graphics and make photo collages and other features directly from the website. We are going to take you through the process of creating a FotoJet account (free and premium), but before then, let’s see the key features of this platform.

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See How To Create FotoJet Account

To create an account on Foto-Jet is not a difficult task to do. However, you have to not that there are free account s and premium accounts on Foto-Jet.

  1. Go to FotoJet official website online through
  2. Tap on the ‘Sign In’ link at the top right corner
  3. Since you don’t have an account yet, tap on the ‘Sign Up’ link below the sign in form
  4. Enter your details and click on Sign Up
  5. You can upgrade to a premium account anytime you want

Important Features Of FotoJet

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  1. Allows users to create graphic designs with a whole lot of templates
  2. Make photo collages 800+ stunning collage layouts and templates and share in an artistical way
  3. Edit your photos with FotoJet’s powerful editing tools, such as crop, resize, and rotate, which enhance your photos in a matter of seconds
  4. Use rich and massive templates and resources to create amazing things online with little or no stress
  5. FotoJet supports powerful design and editing tools to enable you to achieve high-quality results quickly
  6. With only a few clicks, anyone can create professional artworks, even without any experience

These and more are the features of FotoJet. You may not know them all until you create an account there.

Free WhatsApp Data Code – Airtel

Free WhatsApp Data Code – Airtel

Airtel Free What-sApp Data Code

I know you will be asking thus questions

1.can  this be through?

  1. how can this work?
  2. will this work for me?

Airtel Free WhatsApp Data Code


TOPANYTIME TEAM is releasing the latest way you can enjoy  WhatsApp with your Airtel line without even having a data or even airtime.

SEE ALSO:Get Cheapest MTN Call Tariff Plans

To check your available Whatsapp Data Balance, dial *885*0# on your Airtel Sim card.

Check here for Airtel Free WhatsApp Data Code for September- 2018

Simply dial *948*1# to enjoy the offer on your Airtel line


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To check your available Whatsapp Data Balance, dial *885*0# on your Airtel Sim card.

What do you think ?

Simply dial *948*1# to enjoy the offer on your Airtel line

ENJOY oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!

ALSO READ:MTN Foundation Scholarship 2018/2019 and How to Apply For MTN Foundation Scholarship –

Call Barring

Permits you to limit or bar certain or all types of calls coming into and from your mobile phone, i.e. outgoing calls, outgoing international calls, incoming calls.

Excluding is activated with a private code (PIN 2).

To check your available  Data Balance, dial *885*0# on your Airtel Sim card.

Simply dial *948*1# to enjoy the offer on your Airtel line

To use this service, please call Customer Care to request for your code or help on how to activate this feature.

MTN mPulse Code | MTN mPulse Migration Code for 1.5gb

MTN mPulse Code | MTN mPulse Migration Code for 1.5gb-This post is on MTN mPulse Code which will show you how to follow and how to subscribe to the latest MTN mPulse Subscription code ever since this code was out, a considerable number of students have migrated and have subscribed to the MTN mPulse tariff plan using the MTN mPulse migration code.

MTN mPulse Code
MTN mPulse Code

The MTN mPulse migration code which every young person have been searching for is up, and everybody will now know how to migrate to this data offer without any form of mistake. You will have, and you will be entitled to so many benefits with mPulse when you migrate to this subscription plan.

Number one MTN mPulse benefits are that you are entitled to a data bundle of about 1.5gb when you migrate for N150 only. The MTN data plan will help you browse the internet for free, and you will be browsing without checking if your data bundle has expired.

For those who are still disturbing with the question? What is MTN mPulse plan

People do give credit to the airtel Trybe browsing, The mPulse Plan of MTN is one of the most trending data plans that allow you to enjoy good offers and you can browse at MTN mPulse cheap rate, and you will never get to worry about your data plans.

Whether you call it MTN mPulse cheap t or you call it a tariff plan, there are extremely valuable things for which you can connect with MTN impulse and get to deliver absolutely the best browsing rate.
What is MTN mPulse Browsing

Maybe it is not clear, and you still need more information about this data plan code, however, with the MTN mPulse connect you will browse like a king, and you will receive extra MTN mPulse value for just N150 of subscription.

DON’T MISS:MTN Foundation Scholarship 2018/2019 and How to Apply For MTN Foundation Scholarship –

This is great!

We will tell you the MTN mPulse migration code and how to migrate to this amazing data tariff plan even without finding yourself struggling with the MTN mPulse Code.

One of the problems of people who love browsing the internet is that there is high data and that they spend so much in buying data after which they will not get the browsing value for what they paid for, and hence it becomes a big issue for mtn.

Subscribing to the MTN mPulse using the MTN mPulse Code will help you to have a good and perfect value for your browsing, and this is only possible with the mpulse.

This article will be a guide for you to know a whole lot about the mPulse data bundle and how to migrate to the subscription code and data plans. People often say that doing the mPulse migration is always difficult but in this review and guard, we will show how to migrate to the mPulse and browse at a very cheap rate. You will get to learn so many things from this post which will be helpful, and you will have detailed knowledge about the MTN mPulse code.

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In a nutshell, we will attempt the review of the MTN tariff plans migration codes with a main focus on the mpulse browsing for you

The MTN Nigeria, a sustainable Mobile Telephone Network has made available the MTN Pulse, and we in a bid to give you vital information will inform you about this prepaid plan for children who are mostly internet users, and by so doing, we will tell you the MTN mPulse Code for the easy subscription.

The MTN mPulse code allows you to browse the internet at a low rate and it is interesting to note that students, as well as parents, can use this bundle and they can browse comfortably and conveniently with it

MTN mPulse Bundle and MTN mPulse Code

There are two sides to this bundle on MTN pulse, and each of this data plans offers unique data for browsing the internet. The two data plans and the bundle of MTN mpulse can be categorically classified into the weekly and monthly data plan for browsing, and there are
Name of Bundle Data offer Amount in Naira Validity period
mPulse Monthly 1.2gb N150 30 days
m-Pulse Weekly 350Mb N50 1. days

MTN mPulse Code

How to migrate to MTN mPulse Via MTN mPulse Code

In this post, you will learn how to migrate to the MTN mPulse bundle and enjoy the entire benefit of browsing with the MTN mpulse. A lot of people have also asked how-how to opt out of MTN mPulse, and you will get to know everything in this post.

There are a lot of packages to enjoy with the MTN mpulse, and that is why every day, a considerable number of persons search for how to migrate to MTN mPulse connect.

In case you are among those persons who search for MTN pulse and MTN migration code always, it is important to first understand the bundle very well before even proceeding to migrate and start using it.

One question keeps ringing on the minds of people and thus, a lot of persons still doubt this offer to all with the MTN mPulse data.

Did you know?

1. That the MTN mPulse code is very simple and anyone can also benefit from this data regardless of your location and age range.
2. MTN is one of the networks with fast internet browsing, and that is why mtn Mpulse is very good for browsing
3. Since the inception of this plan, more than 100 million people across the country have migrated to use this offer of MTN mpulse
4. how to renew MTN mPulse plan is very simple as how to subscribe to the mPulse data and that the MTN mPulse plan 2018 MTN beta talk like he was graded as one of the best plans MTN has ever offered to its customer.
5. That the mPulse 1.2gb plan is not fast and you will still have a good number of data left on your phone even while using the Mpulse services

MTN mPulse plan cheat is not a cheat; it is a life plan that can help you enjoy the full benefit of browsing and subscribing with Mtn and this review about the MTN mPulse plan code 2018. Will be an eye opener towards you knowing more about the mPulse code and how to check for MTN mPulse plan balance check.

Eligibility to Use MTN mPulse Code

1. For you to be eligible, you must be an mtn user and have your sim card properly registered
2. Dial *344*1# from a new or already existing MTN SIM card
3. The mPulse is also available at the MTN mobile app on play store

Important Benefits information on MTN mPulse

1. The mtn mPulse is not only available for teenagers, but the adult can also use it and apart from the amazing data bundle offer, you will have sufficient credits to call friend s and love ones, but you cannot do MTN Share N sell
2. You will receive an amazing bonus from MTN ever year on each birthday so far you are on MTN mPulse
3. You gain access to free WhatsApp with friends and love ones for 7days, and a minimum of N100 balance will qualify you fo this
4. Registering with MTN mPulse via MTN mPulse Code, you will enjoy 10MB Free data on every N100 recharge and 20MB on every N200 recharge every week valid for one week
5. You will receive past examination questions on different examination like the JSCE examination, NECO, WAEC Jamb, etc. and this is amazing as you will also be entitled to free tutorial video by just registering on the MTN site.

How to Migrate to MTN mPulse with MTN mPulse Code

It is very simple and easy to migrate to the MTN pulse the Mpulse and bys so doing; we will provide you all the basic information about the mPulse code for which you can subscribe with. On how-how to subscribe, you will either pick any of the above plans

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1. The weekly data MTN mPulse Code is *344# or you can send “350” to 344 as sms, and you will be given 350mb
2. To get the monthly package for MTN mPulse, you will have to text 350” to 344 via SMS How to migrate to

How to Check MTN mPulse balance with MTN mPulse Code

You can check your mtn Mpulse balance with the MTN mPulse code and the instructions to follow is very simple and direct. Using the normal mtn balance code, you can check your airtime balance by dialing *556# to recharge for bundle balance check you on Mtn pulse, you will have to dial *344*2*#, and your bundle balance will reflect.

With the above steps, you can check your Mtn mPulse balance with the MTN mPulse code for checking a balance

Important Information on MTN mPulse Subscription

You will not be charged for migrating into the mPulse tariff plan if it is your first migration in 30 days. But if there is a later migration within the same month, this will attract N100 migration fee.

1. With the MTN mPulse Code, the migration to this tariff plan is free of charge for new users, but migrating to the same plan within 30 days will cost an extra N100
2. You will not need a special code to recharge your line on this tariff plan as you recharge as normal o this tariff plan
3. When surfing the internet, if you have a normal data and a mPulse bundle, you will be charged from your mPulse bundle, and after it has been exhausted, you can now use the normal bundle.
4. With this, you cannot do mtn transfer data on MTN Pulse except you have a normal bundle

Other codes for MTN mpulse

1. Dial *344*2# to continue browsing the internet on the official mpulse site even after your bundle as expired.

2. If you want to discontinue using the MTN mpulse bundle, dial *131*1# or *904# to buy another data bundle
3. The mPulse Code #131*200# will allow you to browse with your airtime even after you have exhausted your data bundle
4. The good news is that you can borrow data by dialing *606# which will allow you to continue to use the internet.
5. Remember that you can check your airtime balance by dialing *556# or check your bundle balance by dialing *344*2*2#.

Hope you have been informed about this post on MTN mPulse Code and how to migrate subscribe to the trending MTN mPulse. This is one amazing tariff plan for all MTN users which allows you to browse the internet unlimited with just a token that is N50 for weekly subscription and N100 for the monthly subscription.

See How to Verify if your National ID card is available Online

National ID card-Did you register for National ID card and you are still to get your card? It’s now feasible to verify if your National Identity card is available or not. Many people have registered online for a period, and they are yet to know the status of their National ID card.

National ID card

National Identity Management Commission has made it desirable for Nigerian citizens who registered for the National ID card scheme to verify the state of their National Identity card. There is a site where you can log in and verify if your National ID card is ready for collecting or has been sent to the activation Centre.








 See How to verify/check the status of your National ID card online.

To see if your National Identity card is available, follow the steps below to verify the state of your National ID card online. Make sure the Personal Identification Number given to you at your National Identity card registration centre is sound.

  1. Goto NIMC site


  1. Then click the continue button, Ensure you type the right information you registered with when entering your details.


N-Power Build Portal Begins Registration from this year, November 5th to 16th, 2018

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  1. Now, enter your first name, then last name and your National Identification Number (NIN), assure you type the correct data.
  2. Lastly, tap on ‘check now button to show if your Card is available or not. The steps listed above are the ways to verify the state of your National Identity card online.

N-Power Build Portal Begins Registration from this year, November 5th to 16th, 2018

This is to inform the general public that, N-Power Nigeria has announced on social media, that the N-Power nBuild site will be open for fresh enrollment between this year November 5th – 16th, 2018 through which drawn applicants will be able to enroll for any of the seven N-Power Nbuild trades here :


1. Agriculture Technology
2. Automobile
3. Elect Installation
4.Joinery and Carpentry
5. Pipefitting and Plumbing
6. Hospitality
7. Tiling and Masonry



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IN that case, if you are interested in theN- power enrollment recruitment application, Due ensure you visit login portal within this year Nov, 5th – 16th, 2018 to enroll for any of the N-Power build trades listed above.


This is a programme intended to activate the apprenticeship training in Nigeria through stimulated exercise and certification programme for jobless Nigerian youths that are not necessarily graduate. The programme intends to build a crop of extremely qualified and experienced workforce of engineers, artisans and service experts in the Nigerian Construction Sectors and Automobile.

The center industries include:
1. Aluminum and Gas
2. Building Services
3. Utilities
4. Built Environment Services
5. Automotive
6. Construction

2018 N-Power Registration Portal for N-Build

2018 N-Power Registration Portal for N-Build-The N-build application portal is wherever all candidates will fill the online N-build application report to imply interest in the Npower scheme created by Government for non-graduates.

Before you start filling the N-power registration form on the site, you should take note of the following power build rules :


N-power build rules and regulations

1. The power build programme will run for twelve months. (3 Months in-center Training and nine months apprenticeship).

2. The Federal Government National Social Investment Programme has decently provided all required npower build training materials for each Nbuild trainee.

3. The Nbuild beneficiaries will get a monthly allowance of 10k paid instantly to their BVN validated account provided during Registration at the used N-build training Centre.

4. The programme will begin with basic orientation for all trainees joining trainee centers where receivers will be disposed

5. The in-center training which will last for three months will start January 2019 (Exact dates will be announced later).

6. The Nbuild Trainees should demand the participating Training centers, to make accessible to the appropriate types of equipment and training tools already given to the centers for the continuation of the training.

7. Well, that is not the case, please whistle-blow using the appropriate media channels listed below:
Twitter: @npower_ng,
Instagram: @npower_ng,
Facebook: NPowerNG,
Call Centre Numbers: 09060000446, 09060000447,09060000449, 09060000448, 09060000445.

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N-Power Registration Portal for N-Build

8. All Nbuild trainees are also required to sign the Tools Usage Policy throughout this period.

9. Everyday attendance at the training centers is mandatory!

10. Trainees are expected to have at least 80% attendance to qualify for the Nbuild apprenticeship step.

11. During the three months in-center training, all tools MUST be left at the individual training centers after everyday use.

12. Every trainee who is unprepared to move to the apprenticeship stage of the programme will be terminated of their equipment.

13. Trainees that pass for the apprenticeship stage of the programme will be presented their toolkits as an Exit box at NO COST

14. NOTE: As a receiver of the N-Power National Social Investment Programme you are not to engage in any other segment of the N-Power Programme. Any effort to do such will result in obvious release across all parts!
The Nbuild registration portal was to be opened for 2018 n-power recruitment registration within 5th and 16th November 2018.