Airtel – See How To Download And Browse using Airtel | Get 1GB For N300

Airtel – See How To Download And Browse using Airtel | Get 1GB For N300

Ah! At the moment we are releasing the best thing for you all, as many people have already known about the airtel 1 GB for N300, with this latest article, you will recognize how to use it too to download, as many know that this platform that works on only social network applications like Twitter, BBM WhatsApp  and Facebook.


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Download  And Browse With Airtel |  Get 1GB For N300

This  bundle works on Opera Mini, but it doesn’t download great files. But today we are going to put an end to this, so this article will help you Get 1GB For N300 to download hefty files on Opera Mini.

Get 1GB For N300 | Subscription Code

On the way to trigger the Airtel 1GB, just dial *688# and reply with 1 for the -Unlimited -(N300, 25 days)plan. You will get a verification message after positive activation.

How to Browse  And  Download Large Files With Airtel |  Get 1GB For N300

This Airtel social bundle runs on various preferred social network applications like, Twitter, Facebook etc. It also serves on Opera Mini, and that is great, you can’t download file overhead 5MB.

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However, with the below pretend, you will be competent to Browse And  Download Large Files With Airtel

Here are the step to follow:

  1.  firstly, Download Opera Mini 7.5 version, install and launch the application, but do not set anything yet, simply move down and click on save.
  2. Secondly, turn on your cellular data, Browse And  Download the file you wish .
  3. In the downloaded page, trace the file’s download link. Click then hold the link, then click on open in new tab. BUT DO Not visit the new tab.
  4. Instantly you click on open in new tab, quickly click on reload (remember, you’re still on the first page).
  5. Before the page reloading ends, the other tab you earlier opened will pop up your download options, asking you to either save or cancel. Again, DON’T rush! wait for the page to finish reloading, then you can now hit the SAVE button.DON’T MISS:

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